Welcome in AranymVM page

Last realease : December 16 2002

What is AranymVM?

This is a new GEM 68K computer Virtual Machine, base on ARAnyM and a Linux Kernel (more exactly with the help of the Linux distribution KNOPPIX an autoconfiguration Linux on CD)
For the moment AranymVM run only on a PC and boot from CD

Hardware need?

- PC compatible computer
- 128Mo Ram
- Vesa 2 video card support in 1024*768*16bits (Intel I810, I815 not support for example)
- Pentium minimum (PII, PIII, Duron, Athlon Ok)
- Not compatible with PIV for the moment (Jit compiler problems)

AranymVM like ARAnyM is not only for PC computer, in futur we hope support other hardware like PPC computer but for the moment only PC computer support JIT compiler.

Why not do an install distribution?

For the moment too difficult! And interest is small, we can consider now CD as a ROM

What's AranymVM do?

It boot from CD, launch Linux Kernel then launch ARAnyM with JIT compiler (CPU and FPU) in 1024*768*16 Vesa2.
This version come with experimental DSP emulator, a single AES, Mint and fVDI (native VDI driver).
Hard disk access is avaible but not floppy disk (see Trouble shooting). GEM Clipboard is avaible thanks to Mint Ram disk.
Some software are put on CD for test.

How can I change my keyboard?

For the moment AranymVM start in USA keyboard, and because CD is not writable, NVRAM can't be save, but it's possible to have your keyboard. For this use the NVRAM CPX configurator, choose your keyboard and language, then Ok, just reboot the GEM system part by doing "CTRL + ALT + SUPPR" as reboot a PC computer, only GEM system will be reboot with good keyboard.
A choice will be display in next version to fix it.

How can I quit AranymVM?

For the moment hit key "Pause" then choose "Quit", please do attention to wait the stop of your computer, because your computer looks freeze(mouse freeze) but is not!!!! it is shutdown please wait for security of your Hard disk partitions! This it to be fix in next realease!

Trouble Shoutting?

-Impossible to access floppy disk : In fact you can access to floppy disk but you should go in BASH space ("ALT + F2"), and mount
and umount yourself floppy disk, . To fix
-No multitask AES avaible : When XAAES will be enough compatible we put it on AranymVM, we prefer compatibility for this first step
-AranymVM does not restore screen to BASH shell when quit so looks freeze (but not it is shutdown) : To fix
-Sometime impossible to access to some file on host filesystem: Betados driver is limited (8+3), it include a sort of VFAT system but sometime it not work very well, if you wan't test something put your file in a root of a partition in simple path please!!! For the moment ARANYM.XFS looks not work propely on AranymVM, it will be solve when this will fix, so we stop to use Betados driver.
-Fix environment variables
- TOS patch, because Pexec() of TOS doesn't manage correctly cache, software can crash at start, if you find this try to reset GEM system an relaunch the software.

How help us?

If you are good programmer please contact Aranym Team
If you have good Linux system configuration knowledge please contact me (olivier landemarre)
If you are Atari user, please do test of software, and send me problems and solutions (some software can refuse to work because they are under aranymfs, or CD try to copy it on Ram disk, some software can't access to some not support port (as serial port or DSP), some software can crash, some have redraw trouble, please send me reports, is it work on true falcon?)

Working software

Image - Nconvert
Inshape 3 demo

Not working software

Calamus 2001 demo